Paint-less Dent Removal

Paint-less Dent Removal (PDR) is a process where smaller dents, that are mostly the result of a non-collision, are repaired without having to repaint the panel. This technique utilize various sophisticated tools and a highly skilled technician to pull up smaller dents from outside the panel or push out from the inside to bring the panel back to original shape.

Dent & Paint Repair

Our Dent & Paint Repair service is aimed at removing scratches & dents and reshaping the panels to its original form. To bring back the original charm, the panel is refinished with the highest quality OEM paints, which comes with a 100% color matching guarantee.

Advanced Bumper Repairs

Bumpers are the most impacted part in a Car, after all they are meant to absorb smaller impacts and protect the rest of the car. Our advanced bumper repairs can fix the most common damages to the bumpers-cracks, splits, scuff or a scrape.

Minor Collision Repairs

Minor collisions can cause small to moderate damages to multiple parts at the same time. Our collision repair service optimally combine the best of our services to bring the vehicle back to its original charm.

Chipped Paint Repair

A chipped paint will attract rust that can spread and damage the entire panel, if left untreated. Our process involve removal rust, anti-rust treatments and a perfect refinish to bring the original glow.

Advanced Plastic Repair

Our plastic repair is aimed at reducing all possible plastic waste. We use sophisticated tools for welding broken plastics, eliminating the need to replace the entire part which can be expensive and a stress to the environment. Our philosophy is that, a broken Fog lamp housing shouldn't call for an entire bumper replacement.

Exterior Restorations

Almost every vehicle loses its initial charm overtime. Some of the common causes include oxidizing that causes the paint to fade, fine scratches and swirl marks. Our buffing, polishing and waxing techniques are crafted to bring the mirror shine back.

Interior Detailing

Our interior detailing service is aimed at restoring the interiors close to showroom condition. The package include vacuuming, stain removal, cleaning and rejuvenating seats, dashboard, roof, floor and door panels.

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